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MILF is an acronym that stands for "Mothers I'd Like to Fuck" ad it has become a very common colloquial term in modern language, thanks to its usage in a popular Hollywood film and subsequent publicity from the adult film industry. To many in mainstream the term MILF is regarded as being vulgar slang because it includes the word 'fuck' in it and refers to having sex with someone's mother. However, in a porn context it has come to be widely accepted as a way of sorting sluts by an appropriate age parameter.

In porn a girl is categorized into a specific age niche. Often continue to be cast by some studios deep into their twenties. However, no matter how youthful an actress might appear, there eventually comes a time when it becomes silly to continue depicting her with a pigtail hairstyle and a student plaid skirt. At that point, usually in their mid twenties or at the latest in their early thirties, the models become known as MILFs.

The MILF porn moniker can also be segmented into more narrow subcategories like Cheating Housewives, Cougars, and Older Lesbians. Each of these is explained later in this article. Once a girl gets deep into her forties or fifties and no longer has the see of a MILF, she enters the Mature niche which is reserved for women who have reached an elegant age in life, usually from around forty-five to fifty and extending until they enter their early sixties. Once a pornstar reaches her sixties she is known as a Granny and that is the final age market in the pornstar cycle. A pornstar remains a Granny from her early sixties until her retirement.

Internet sources have accurately reported that the term MILF was in fact first used in Internet newsgroup mostly by fans of adult entertainment and celebrity gossip. The term was a source of humor in small community chat rooms until it hit the huge time when it was a central joke in the wildly popular film American Pie. The film was released in 1999 and grossed more than $235,000,000 in ticket sales that year and another $109,000,000 in house rental revenue. Not bad for a movie that was made with only a $10,000,000 budget!

In the film the character played by buxom blonde actress Jennifer Coolidge is referred to as 'Stifler's mother.' A center-aged vixen who many of the other characters refer to as a MILF. In the movie she seduces one of the main characters and fucks him in their boat house, earning her the subcategory title of Cougar as well.

While the term MILF become popular in 1999, the concept of a stud being seduced by a much older girl goes back much further than that and is best exemplified by the character Mrs. Robinson in the 1967 film The Graduate starring Dustin Hoffman. Anne Bancroft played the part of Mrs. Robinson and set libidos skyrocketing all over the world by portraying the Cougar perfectly as she went on the prowl in search of man meat from Hoffman, playing the son of her husband's law partner.